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Danish for “new little one”, “bundle of joy”
“Welcome home our nylille”
At Nylille, we are a diverse team of passionate people who believe there is nothing more important than ensuring our new little ones get the best start in life. Let’s meet the family!

Our Vision

For all children to grow up happy and healthy. For all parents to be well equipped with the best research-based child care tools and information.

Our team

Stinus Højensbo: Co-founderstinus hojensbo

Nationality: Danish

Stinus co-founded Nylille with his lovely wife, Isabel Rueda Calle. After the birth of his daughter Elena, he switched his focus from running a marketing agency to Nylille, in order to help other new parents during the hectic and confusing transition of pregnancy to the world of parenthood. In his spare time, he enjoys being in nature, long walks with an audiobook, and building businesses that create incredible value.


Isabel Rueda Hojensbo: Co-founderIsabel Hojensbo

Nationality: Colombian

As a new mother and the co-founder of Nylille, Isabel is passionate about finding and sharing the best research in child care and development. She deeply believes that all nylilles should have a chance at a happy and healthy life and that by sharing the best tools with parents, they can. Isabel is in charge of all things research, quality control, and communication at Nylille and has ample experience in corporate communication and event managing. When Isabel isn’t showering Elena with love and attention, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, traveling, and learning new things.


Lyn Stewart: Nursing Sister, Midwife, Writer

Nationality: South African

Lyn is one of our main writers and is responsible for our high quality written content. As a nurse, midwife, and mother, Lyn understands the ins and outs of parenting and managing the health and wellbeing of little ones. She has four children of her own and knows there is never a dull moment at home when you’re a parent.


Alida Husby: Designer

Nationality: Norwegian

We have Alida’s keen eye and creativity to thank for our lovely website layout and the art design of several of Nylille’s products. Alida is responsible for all things visual and beautiful at Nylille and tackles the look of everything from our ebooks to our website navigation. 

June Bay: DesignerJune Bui drawing baby illustrations

Nationality: Vietnamese

June is a talented designer and illustrator with a free spirit and warmhearted personality. When she’s not sketching up cute and helpful illustrations, she can be found off traveling the world or seeking peace at a meditation retreat.

Brittany Varano: Writer, EditorBrittany varano

Nationality: American

Brittany is a freelance writer, photographer, and globetrotter. She takes as beautiful photos as she writes and has a love of the written word. Without her, much of Nylille’s content wouldn’t flow or read as well as it does. She has a bubbly personality, and if you ever have the chance to meet her in person, you will smile within seconds.


How it all started

Navigating our newfound parenthood was quite a shock to Isabel and me. We had considered ourselves fairly resourceful, educated, and well prepared for the arrival of our daughter, but we had no idea how difficult it truly was. There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information online, and everyone you meet has an opinion on the best way to take care of your newborn.

Every time we had to look up something new, it would take hours of digging and comparing references before we felt confident and could trust that it was the best decision for our daughter. We, therefore, decided to create Nylille (meaning “new little one” in Danish), a one-stop-shop for everyday help with your pregnancy and bundle of joy! Our content is written by health care professionals who have ample experience in child care and development and rely on the current best-practices and research. At Nylille, you can rest assured you have access to reliable parenting information that is both practical and easy to understand. We like to believe we do a pretty good job. However, this is a constant journey for us, and we try to make our content and products better every day as new research is uncovered and as we get feedback from our customers. We can promise you that we do all we can to deliver the most thorough and useful information that we can. Thank you for taking such an interest in your child and their future.
– Stinus


We recognize that no matter how helpful and well-intentioned our products and resources are, the children and parents who need them the most don’t always have the access or the means to use them. Therefore we donate a portion of our profits to support children in some of the poorest countries in the world. Currently, we are supporting the child village of Khulna in Bangladesh. For more information, visit SOS Children’s Villages International.