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Sharing Parenting Advice Through Cute Hand Drawn Illustrations

Join our community of parents who’ve ditched the boring old guidebooks and have chosen a more exciting way of catching up on the most up-to-date parenting wisdom. Once a week, we’ll send you a hand-drawn illustration sharing the do’s and don’t of parenthood!

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November 24, 2019


November 24, 2019


October 24, 2019


Hi! I’m Isabel, and this is my bundle of joy, Elena.

Preparing for pregnancy and her arrival as a first time mother was a stressful experience for me and my husband, Stinus.

Before Elena was born, we were lost in a sea of contradictory and confusing information about child care that we weren’t sure we could trust!

So we created Nylille, or new little one in Danish, an online guide for parents dedicated to sharing the most up to date, research based guides for prenatal and postnatal care.

Our science-backed guides are written using practical and easy to understand terms, by our team of experts in child development and medicine, so you can rest assured you’re getting the most up to date and trustworthy parenting advice at Nylille.

Parenthood is stressful enough without a helping hand. We only want the best for our new little one, and yours.

At Nylille, we believe all children deserve to grow up happy and healthy - Learn more about us.